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Brett and Jenny Video Montage

A montage of Brett and Jenny teaching and dancing as well as examples of their choreography

Brett and Jennifer - "Recuerdo"

Traditional tango piece for shows, competitions and other performances.

Brett and Jenny - "Auld Lang Syne"

Brett and Jenny dancing to the beautiful and delicate "Auld Lang Syne" for the New Year's Even Gala Night celebrations at the 2012-2013 Salsa Mambo Festival in Palm Springs, CA. The slow and peaceful dance is meant to inspire the feelings of a memory of love and devotion throughout the years, and then ultimately loss as time marches on.

Brett and Jennifer - "Malajunta"

Brett and Jennifer are dedicated to serving the community and routinely donate their time to educational events at local schools. In Spring 2010 Brett and Jennifer presented a "History of Tango" lesson to 500 sixth and seventh graders at Oxford Academy in Orange County, CA.

The presentation was part of Latin American Heritage Month and included discussions of the development of tango from early times to the present, culture of Argentina, and several dance demonstrations and performances.

Brett and Jennifer - "China Doll "

Brett and Jennifer are often contracted for performances that are not "traditional." In this case they were asked to perform an Argentine Tango for the Chinese New Year Luncheon at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, CA on Feb 3, 2011. Since it was for a luncheon they decided to have a good time with the choreography and theme. Jennifer is a Doll, dressed in a traditional Chinese gown, and Brett is the new owner. The new owner initially has some trouble with his new dancing toy. She doesn't seem to work properly to his first two music choices. He decides to take a moment and read the user's manual. In the end, when Fracanapa comes on the doll begins to dance.

Brett and Jennifer - "Tango to Evora"

Brett and Jennifer also enjoy mixing it up and dancing to non-traditional tango songs such as "Tango to Evora." This is a romantic song and they are enacting a love story: guy finds girl, they start to fall for each other and in the end things get red-hot and steamy.


This is also a great example of the type of choreography that works well for Wedding First Dances, it's beautiful and delicate and shows the connection between the couple.

Tangroupe - "Gran Guignol"

Brett and Jennifer are known for their intricate and inspiring group formation choreography. Their choreography has been performed throughout CA at such events as National Dance Week and the Tango Mundo Tango Festival in Palm Springs 2010 (one performance shown to the left).


If you'd like to audition for or train to become a member of their newest performance troupe TANGROUPE - SoCal email us at or call Brett at 714-932-1047.

Random with a Purpose- "Deseo"

Brett and Jennifer had the opportunity to work with dancers not trained in Argentine Tango and teach them about this passionate dance. These young dancers learned this routine in only 9 short weeks, with the female dancers having no tango training prior to rehearsals. It was a challenge for Brett and Jennifer but it was well worth it to work with such dedicated and talented dancers.